Horticultural  Full Spectrum Lighting Solutions

Full Spectrum provides an excellent solution for growing variety of crops (indoor / greenhouse)

We fit the ideal spectrum to the specific crop and to the environmemtal conditions, and adjust the spectrum as well as the intensity to the plants different requirements during the growth stages.

Climate changes, rising population and the increasing demand for medicinal crops production, have made conventional outdoor farming unsuitable to answer for the entire market needs.


AGRO LIGHT LED Israel specializes in development of high performance LED products, specifically designed for professional commercial growers.

Our grow lights can be used for medicinal crops, leafy greens, vegetables, micro greens, herbs and flowers.
Our grow lights have a high photon per watt ratio, which ensures high PPFD and optimal results.

We use 120° secondary optics in order to provide a uniform PPFD distribution without hot spots. The observed results are even light distribution and homogeneity.

Veg Spectrum

Our Veg spectrum is suitable for vegetative stage or for mother plants. White spectrum helps to create a healthy root system with many splits which are essential for high quality cuttings. Using this spectrum during hardening will prepare the plants well for flowering.

Flowering Spectrum

The use of Flowring spectrum is ideal for the  flowering stage. It is rich in wavelengths at the red frequencies and contributes to the inflorescences biomass.

Dual Spectrum

This spectrum is designed for indoor cultivation and suitable for use during all growth stages from seed to harvest. Inflorescences  grown under this spectrum have a higher composition of terpenes and cannabinoids profile compared to those grown under HPS lamps.

Medicinal Crops Cultivation

We specialize in lighting for medicinal crops. With our experience and knowledge of the plants' growth requirements we have developed perfect lighting solutions. All of our models have been carefully selected to ensure maximum yield and maximum quality.



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